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As the United Christian Democratic Party we ended the past year, 2011, on a sad not after losing two senior members through death in October and December.

If we could do it, we would have the year wiped off completely from our annals.

We have, however, to accept the inevitable and soldier on in pursuit of the ideals they strove for to take the UCDP to greater heights.

The Federal Council of the party, a body that serves as the highest decision making body in the interim of the Federal Congress convened on Saturday, 07 January 2012 at the party headquarters, Legae to give effect to Section 11.2 of the party constitution which stipulates what has to be done if the president of the party vacates the office through either death or any other reason.

The filling of the vacant position of president resulted in an almost new executive committee as the deputy president was elected president. On vacating the office of deputy president, it became necessary to have that filled too.

At the end the new deputy president happened to be the former Secretary General and a new Secretary General was elected.

We bring this matter forth to illustrate the extent to which the UCDP is democratic. It is not a matter of shuffling chairs somewhere in the boardroom. Members participate in processes of ensuring that the party functions well.

The reconfigured executive committee is faced with new challenges in the new year:

  1. to ensure that the party has provincial structure which up to this point were non-existent
  2. to prepare the party for a possibly three pronged election in 2014, i.e. the local, provincial and national elections and
  3. to reassure members that the departed need to be honoured by working hard to grow the party.

In the mean time there will be some adjustment(s) to make in the line up for elected representatives in the National Assembly and the North West Legislature. The national leader has to represent the party in the National Assembly and by so doing he will create a vacancy in the provincial legislature where he has been operating from.

It is no train smash to handle that but the concern is that the new year comes to the party with new challenges that call for all and sundry to hit the road running in order to catch up with legislative process.

To the UCDP the new year calls for men to be men and conversely.

We sympathise with the Minority Front on the death of their charismatic leader, Amichand Rajbansi.

We note with sadness that these are the only parties so far who have lost leaders who were still in office in their parties and also served as sitting members in this or that legislature.

Let us all rise to the challenges of the new year that has just begun!

Sipho Mfundisi

President: UCDP

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