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The African National Congress is reputed for churning out lofty documents which they regrettably do not live up to.
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Thank you Chairperson,

Deputy President Rre Moerane le mme

Mrs Nogqhibile Mfundisi, my better half

Colleagues in the National Executive

The Rev Z S Moremi and your queenly juffrou

All pastors and Licentiates who have graced this occasion

Ladies and gentlemen from across the length and breadth of the republic of South Africa


Dumelang Magana-go-swa

Molweni Madelakufa

Good morning ne’er say die members of the UCDP

This is a day the Lord has made and let us rejoice and be happy in it. We have to be happy that we have seen the sun rise  and we have to be happy that we are privileged to have met in this fashion and planning for the future of this country come the 7th of May.

As a party we have had a not so fulfilling year but He who keeps us from falling did exactly that, we have not fallen but we are growing from strength to strength. We thank him for that.

Since 2009 we have had discussions with some of our sister parties in parliament. The discussions culminated in agreements that were penned and signed for on 17 December 2014.

I regret to inform this august gathering that the UCDP has been betrayed by one of our sister parties. We have been stabbed in the back. It is unthinkable that, notwithstanding,  the agreed upon terms of working together and one stating that the parties should not recruit from among one another, one party has had the temerity to recruit an employee of the UCDP. This is betrayal of the first order and cannot be left unchallenged.

It is just like your trusted friend raping your daughter. I think it is mete and proper that were reconsider our position in this collective.

The UCDP is a home for all South Africans regardless of colour or creed, regardless of social status and regardless of place of residence. The UCDP is neither a regional, tribal or ethnic party like some ill informed individuals would like the world to believe.

Our purpose is to unite all South Africans Christians and non-Christians alike into a non-sexist, non-racist democratic nation.

We have a history in governing; running a government will not be a new thing

We have a history in delivering quality services – The infrastructure adorning the landscape especially in the North West, parts of the Northern Cape, that Free State, Gauteng and Mpumalanga attest to the fact that all the UCDP and South Africans is to Stand Up and Speak out to make a change.

We have a history in the maintenance of law and order to the extent that a senior judge in passing judgement was unequivocal when he said during the tenure of the UCDP in government; women and girls could go about at night unescorted. No one can dream of that at present, not even a man. It is not surprising that the president is escorted in 12 cars. South Africa is unsafe.

In education, our infrastructure, preparation of manpower and the results were second to none south of the Zambesi. The UCDP is ready to repeat that performance and make a change in the dismal performance over the years.

In overhauling the education system, we shall not transplant an education system from some country holus bolus. We shall set a commission to research and structure our education system

We are set to improve standards. While there are traffic inspectors, labour inspectors and health inspectors it is surprising that there are no school inspectors. The UCDP will reintroduce these important functionaries in education.

As learning never ends, we shall introduce the in-service training system for teachers so that they may be in serviced on an ongoing fashion by qualified resident lectures at the centres.

Clinics in our new state will remain open 24/7. To bring health services closer,  doctors will be appointed on a full-time basis to service  clusters of clinics or villages. Health should be easily accessed.

To make our economy competitive we shall encourage a free market economy. Those who exert themselves and work hard can accumulate wealth without fear of nationalisation. Our outlook is to create 4 million jobs in five years.

Our labour laws will be friendly to local and international entrepreneurs. We shall do all in our might to ensure that the family shops around the corner are functional.

Consideration for the reduction of taxes for investors will be in our vision especially in deprived areas. This could see the resuscitation of border industries.

Cost-effective yet decent mixed and rented housing will be provided to deserving people.  We shall not build the contraptions that we see across the country side.

Serviced sites will be provided to people who enter the housing market and who can afford the cost of a serviced site.

Land does not grow with the population. The UCDP will therefore ensure that when restitution is done, negotiations are entered into with the affected communities not to straddle two places, their former place and the new one. If they have been moved they should accept monetary compensation and  remain in one place and not keep their ancestral land and the new one.

The UCDP will ensure that the CPA’s and Community Trusts are assisted to commercialise their entities on an on-going basis.

For the maintenance of law and order the UCDP will, like in the past, ensure that police are duty conscious and not trigger happy. To assist the police and the justice system the UCPD will replace the uninspiring hawks with the Scorpions so that defaulters can feel the sting because they can’t hear when they are told to stay away from crime.

The UCDP will not hesitate to re-instate units that dealt with offenses against women, stock theft and rape crimes

The department of Public Works should do just that. The department must provide and maintain all government needs in buildings and infrastructure. There will be no need for people from outside to perform those functions. This will ensure that more people are employed and reduce unemployment.

The UCDP-led government will bring back a central Tender Board who will adjudicate on all needs and quotations. This will avoid enriching so-called entrepreneurs some of whom have no clue of what is going on.

The UCDP maintains that in a unitary state like ours with Public Works in charge our roads will be safer and there will be no distinction or difference on the roads of the different provinces as is the case nowadays

Agriculture should come second after mining. Farm land should not be allocated to people who use farms for parties and enjoyment. The UCDP will ensure that farm owners feed the nation.

Extension officers belong to the field and that is where they should be.

The UCDP will ensure that farm workers are not reduced to slaves in terms of where they stay and how they are remunerated

Public transport will occupy centre stage for people living far from towns. The private sector will be encouraged to register bus companies to provide affordable transport to deserving people.

The current absurdity of the North West being the only province not having flight facilities will be a thing of the past. The playing field will be levelled in this regard.

The UCDP sees no wisdom in outsourcing the payment of social and old age grants. Government has to accept the responsibility and not hire people to do their work.

In order to care for the youth, the UCDP will establish a fully fledged Department of Youth Affairs. The government will hold student conventions around the country to familiarise themselves with youth issues.

To achieve all these we have to stand up and speak out that the UCDP has come to make a change.

To all candidates primarily, and all members of the party this booklet will serve as our guide as we go into the elections. Let us use it as our compass in this maze of campaigning. I hope we shall all stand up and speak out to make a change in these elections.

I have the pleasure to present the Manifesto of the UCDP for the 2014 General Elections



Ke a leboga

Thank you

Baie dankie


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